Shabbat family

We provide chickens to more than 900 children every week and their families.

More than 250 families continue to depend on the generosity of this fund for Shabbat dinner each week and festive meals on holidays. With your help we can restore the sense of peace and contentment on Shabbat to these homes.



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Meet Clara Hammer,
the Chicken Lady of Jerusalem


Erev Pesach marks the 10th yahrzeit of the indomitable and legendary Clara Chaya Hammer a”h, the Chicken Lady of Jerusalem who, ... fed hundreds of families and performed countless acts of kindness for the people of Jerusalem and its environs.


Today the fund is being continued in Clara Hammer's memory by her daughter, Chana Homnick and her great granddaughter.

Help families receive chicken for Shabbat    "...changing the world,
one chicken at a time..."


May her memory continue to be blessed and may a little of her goodness rub onto all of us. LH, Eretz Yisrael

I recently read the book about the tzadekis, Clara Hammer. I was very moved by her endless giving to others and chesed projects that she was involved in. The book was an inspiration in many different ways.J & PH, Lawrence, NY

Chana, With my father's passing I have taken over contributing to his charities. No fund was more endearing to his heart as yours. He spoke of your mother's hard work on many occasions. May you have continued success with your Fund and I look forward to many more years in supporting you hard and important work.AJZ

"I think it's wonderful that you have continued in your Mom's footsteps and help so many people. May HaShem give you strength to continue for many more years to come."


"Whenever we think of tzedakah and Eretz Yisrael, we think of your Mother A"H and by extension, you and your efforts to maintain her legacy."

-C. & L. F.

It seems to me her story should be told in English, Hebrew and other languages for girls 8 and up. Just as Jewish girls learn about Sarah Schenirer, so their whole lives will be inspired by your dear, blessed mother. I see I failed to write A''H/ZTz''L - as it is said the truly righteous don't die and that says it all, for the wonderful way you, personally and the other family members are continuing her holy work.

May you be blessed to witness her name become associated with the hightest level of teaching the young.


"I'm glad you are continuing your Mother's legacy of helping those who need it. May G-d bless you always."


"I still remember your Mom from many years ago & am happy to see that this fund still helps people in need of chickens for Shabbat & Holiday meals."

"I recently read the book about Clara Hammer and I was very moved by her endless giving ...the book was an inspiration in many different ways."

-Mr & Ms. H.

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    Clara Hammer Chicken Fund
    PO Box 18602
    Jerusalem, Israel 91185

    Contributions can also be deposited at:
    Bank Leumi    Branch 905
    Ramat Eshkol, Jerusalem
    Acct no. 651200/75

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